Axon. An early stage fund serving Talpiot alumni, founded by Talpiot alumni and supported by the Talpiot community.
Talpiot graduates have built hundreds of companies worth over $50B. If you’re setting out on your own journey, we’re here to help.

Talpiot Startup Course

200 startups have been created by Talpiot graduates, raising over $3B and creating nearly $50B in value. Now it’s your turn.

We invite you to join the 2021 Talpiot startup course. A series of 10 meetups covering everything you need to know about the startup world. Each three hour session includes a frontal lecture and a Talpiot founder story with Q&A. The course includes founder matchmaking, brainstorming and culminates in a demo day.

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The lifecycle of startups, from idea to exit, milestones, decisions, and what you can expect along the way


Building the winning team. Who should you take along with you for the journey. Combining product, tech, and sales. Creating a founder agreement. Getting started


How to evaluate your idea & target market and steps you can take to validate and get started


Pre-seed or Seed, Safe or equity, angels or VCs. All about investors and how to find them

Analysing Funding Agreements

Learn the LawyerSpeak- SAFEs, ROFRs, Cosales, Veto rights and boards, and how NOT to make fatal mistakes

Product Market Fit

Validation, design partners, and dilemmas - steps in the journey to reach $1M in ARR


The theory for building your deck and honing your pitch may be the most important skill you can learn

Startup Operations

Setting up a company, hiring your first employees, creating a professional Budget, the Captable, etc. An operational and financial checklist


A brainstorming and networking meetup for founders who want to hook up with others and build their team.


A series of events designed to help you build your own pitch, verify it, meet mentors and investors and (if all goes well) get funded

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